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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Reported Shooting in Overland Park KS

Just before 1 p.m. Tuesday afternoon- a victim of a gunshot was reported in Overland Park.

The victim was reported to be "at a shelter house at Osage Park- 6300 West 87th Street" or the northwest corner of 87th Street and Lamar.

As of this post- no EMS transport of any victim from the scene has been reported- and there is of yet no other information on this call.


Anonymous said...

Capt thats the 6300 block on 87th if it is at Lamar. 8300 block is Hemlock over by Antioch rd.

Groucho K. Marx said...

I'm trying to be like The STAR SD! g

It was corrected to 6300...

Anonymous said...

Where is the full story on this? this is in my back yard?? was it someone getting shot? or a suicide?? it was not on the news last night.

Anonymous said...

I live a couple houses down and I saw the crime scene.. how come it wasnt on the news? I'd like to be informed what happened to the man?

Anonymous said...

I just got off the phone with the OP Police Dept. They said, "It was not really a shooting and there is no threat to the public." That is all she would tell me. I was under the impression that a gun still could have gone off, but that no crime was committed??

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if that means that maybe it was a suicide. I was thinking about contacting the op police department as well.

Groucho K. Marx said...

It was probably a suicide folks.

I apologize I couldn't follow this incident more closely- but I am committed to caregiving for my bedridden father.

To the "anonymous" posters: Now you see the trouble the actual news media has in getting information from our so-called public servants sometimes.

Representing the legitimate Kansas City news media- I've actually been lied to on the phone by law enforcememnt agencies while following up on reported incidents.

This is usually NOT the case with the largest departments like KC-MO however- and I want to make that clear.

KC-MO is smart enough to realize that the information game is give and take- that they at some point may NEED the news media to help them- so it is in their best interest in that vein to be forthcoming with basic info on an incident (Did a shooting occur? Is the victim alive or dead? etc.).

My goal here is to keep the public informed the best I can- without hyperbole or sensationalism- but I can only tell you what I'm told and THAT can be a real problem with our new- so-called "homeland security" issues these days.

And most of that is- IMHO- plain and simple double-talk bullsheet.

So again- this was most likely a suicide or similar incident.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I'm just glad that the information was 'somewhere', so appreciate you posting it. Considering my 16 year old son, saw them cleaning up the scene, including the body. Also considering this is a local meeting point/park for a lot of kids, varying ages from babies to teens, and families..

Groucho K. Marx said...

You are quite welcome "Anon-10:20 AM."

Hope you'll visit here often for news and weather information- and PLEASE- feel free to drop me a line here and/or on Twitter if you see anything newsworthy.

Adter all- this is OUR home! ;)