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Monday, August 29, 2011

PARKVILLE LUMINARY: Nadia Pflaum Attacks TV News Hype

Watching the Hurricane Irene coverage on the various TV news channels made me realize how utterly over-hyped the medium has become.

It seems the networks fall over each other to see how they can outdo the others on forecasting Armageddon- be it man-made or natural events/disasters.

The editorializing by so-called "reporters" in the field made me think the networks had somehow hired master-degreed disaster experts and meteorologists.

Gee folks- can you PLEASE report factually what's going on around you?

Of course when the worst doesn't happen- all the talking heads gush on just how lucky we/they were and DO NOT second guess our decisions- blah- blah- blah.

All this leads me to the reason for this post: a story in The PARKVILLE (MO) LUMINARY written by former PITCH reporter Nadia Pflaum.

Ms. Pflaum rails against the sensationalized coverage of Kansas City violence and Parkville's 'Great Flood of 2011' and how neither city has blood- or water- flowing down their streets. 


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Anonymous said...

They don't report the news they make the news there for I don't watch anymore.

Then there is Fox news that should have the plug pulled on big time.