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Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene's Death Toll Reaches 35

At least 35 people have died from the effects of former Hurricane Irene from Southeast to Northeast America.

A screen-capture of the scene caught by a live camera near New York City's Times Square later Saturday night.

Residents in New York state and Vermont are battling record flooding from the copious rains that Irene produced- and too many of the dead were caught in raging floodwaters- according to this ASSOCIATED PRESS story via MyWay News.


Superdave said...

It appears to many of these deaths where avoidable. Drowning and down power lines come on people use your damn head.

Groucho K. Marx said...

It's Darwinism at work SD...

I noticed at least 2 of the victims were even inside their residences when trees fell on the structure- and I wondered if the folks in those areas had evac centers that were open for them.

I learned that Mother Nature can kill people before I was 5 ... to this day- if I'm out observing a terrible storm I keep my 360-degree wits about me.

Constantly stay alert- plan for the worst- and stay the hell out of the way!

I won't take a risky close-up if an at-distance telephoto shot will do. ;)