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Friday, May 20, 2011

Sshhh- Don't Tell Bannister Building Boosters About Failed Retail

The soccer team who USED to be called the Wizards jumped ship and state with their soccer stadium- leaving a large area of FORMER RETAIL SPACE undeveloped.

That former retail area was known as Bannister Mall- then there's another failed retail center to the north of where the BM used to be- and yet another strip of shops east of there- vacant save for 2 persistant retailers.

Yet- the Pollys of KC-MO keep wanting to throw taxpayer dollars at developers to come up with a future eyesore to replace the present eyesore.

"Offices and retail" the new developers sweetly tell the pollys- will go into the blighted area- if you help subsidize our costs.

"Here- have nearly $200-million in tax breaks-" the blind pollys reply.

Never mind a major shopping center FULL of retail failed here- along with the strip centers I mentioned plus one I didn't mention on the SOUTH side of Bannister Road.

IF this area is so f-ing attractive for development- why does the developer need a dime of taxpayer money or tax breaks?

Why aren't tax breaks given to residents and other businesses in this area struggling to keep-up their properties?

Don't the KC-MO pollys have even a CLUE???

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