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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Videos of April 27 Tuscaloosa Tornado- One VERY Close

I've found more videos of the incredible tornado outbreak of April 27 2011.

The first one is rather shaky- but toward the end- the chasers/photographers(?) take a female tornado survivor into their vehicle.

She's in shock because her dog was killed.

The 2nd video is the most up-close shot I've yet to see from the outbreak.

You'll need English subtitles as the language is in Spanish- but the photographer keeps the camera (mostly) on the tornado as the funnel plows into an apartment complex.

It is ONLY by the Grace of God that the video shooter wasn't blown into the maelstrom- or at least hit and injured by flying debris!



The Observer said...

Those are the subject of nightmares--quick, fast and completely destructive.

Wow. Thanks for the finding and sharing.


Groucho K. Marx said...

Heh- more nightmares- posted today (Wednesday) after found on a YouTube search.

No need to panic- just stay aware ya know T.O..