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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How NOT To Look At A Tornado: Resident Video-Recording Alabama Tornado Nearly Killed

All the time there's talk of storm chasers getting too close to a tornado- but little is mentioned about residents in a tornado's path nearly getting killed videoing the twister.

Such is in this latest video find from The Great Tornado Outbreak of 2011 on April 27 that produced more than 300 tornadoes and killed more than that many.

This videographer- along with his brother-in-law- narrowly avoids becoming a tornado fatality while shooting the Cordova AL tornado coming right at his house.

The fast-moving twister is already across the street from him before the recording stops- on his YouTube page "jayf1295"- the videotaker tells how his house was destroyed as he and his brother-in-law were blown into the yard.

Nothing is mentioned about their injuries which were obviously not terminal.


J.R. said...

i filmed this video and yes it was the stupidest thing ever...we were goin downstairs..but we didnt have the time we left the window to go downstairs it hit quick and was over in a split brother and law has gashes all over...he was slug into the pool table,fireplace,bathroom and the what used to be the kitchen..i was thrown into the backyard..i broke my pinky and the left side of my face was beat up pretty bad

Groucho K. Marx said...

Well hey J.R.!

Thanx for the update on you and bro-in-law's condition and thanx to The Lord for pulling you both through...

God bless you and your family in recovering from this terrible event too.

J.R. said...

thanks so much...were taking it day by day..its horrible...but we are all alive so thats all that matter....but thanks and god bless