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Thursday, May 05, 2011

KCTV-5 Investigative Report Set To Expose KC-MO EMS Screw-Up

CSW news sources say that during the 10 p.m. Thursday night newscast on KCTV-5- an investigative report said to be hosted by reporter Dana Wright is going to uncover a KC-MO Fire department EMS screw-up.

The fire department successfully fought to take over the ambulance/paramedic EMS service from M.A.S.T. last year- but continue to come under criticism for ambulance response times and lack of resolving M.A.S.T. employee pension issues.

The screw up? 

It's said a EMS crew transported a patient to a Kansas City hospital that had been dead for up to 45 minutes while under that crew's supposive "care."

We wait with great interest Ms. Wright's investigative report.

In case like I you had to go to bed before the 10 o'clock news Thursday night- The KANSAS CITY STAR covers this story too (The STAR is "news partners" with KCTV-5 BTW).

It read to me like somebody on that EMS crew screwed-up BIG time....



Anonymous said...

Well since I never watch local TV news I guess I have no idea what is going on.

Some day maybe local news will be real news and then I may return to watching it.

If there is news then report it and leave the drama to Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Ok I just read what is suppose to be a print version of the story told tonight.

Not going to defend anyone here but I just read a story full of more holes than swiss cheese.

I have a lot of questions none of which appear to be listed in the story any where.

And what rocket scientist orders an emergency transfer in a snow storm to a sister hospital.

In the old days the transfering hospital gave the orders on how to transport with in transit care orders.

Nope to many unanswered questions here.

Find it very strange that these so call serious questions took almost 4 months to be made public. Drama Drama Drama.

Oh and how did TV5 get to the hospital records?

The family's permission does not allow medical records of any kind to be released guess TV5 failed to do their homework on that. "With the family's permission, KCTV5 filed a string of open records requests with the Fire Department to try to figure out what happened, but every request was denied." But then they say "KCTV5 obtained the ambulance run sheet that confirmed that it was, "unknown at what time change in patient occurred." So how they get the report? Guess it wasn't important to explain that only to explain it was denied later in the story.

Oh and their so called EMS expert says after looking over the run sheet hmmmmm how did he get the run sheet? The expert also says the patient showed a "classic sign of stroke" well gee is he saying the hospital was wrong with what they said was wrong with the patient? Or from the run sheets that he some how saw he could do a complete work up on the patient?

Drama Drama Drama or should I just just be honest and say BULLSHIT Where is the evidence to back the story as to what happened? So far is all hocus pocus.

Like this statement the best " Yet family members said as they arrived to visit Nigro, no one told them he died. The family learned what happened from KCTV5."

Who called TV5??????

Does St Lukes now call TV5 to report deaths so their "Chief investigative reporter Dana Wright" can go tell the family what happened?

Groucho K. Marx said...

Did you read The STAR's story on this SD?

It reads like the family WAS involved in this story- since they are the ONLY ones who can approve of release and access their father's medical info per HIPA requirements.

Remember too- it took months for Glenn Steven's Walmart-fiasco case to reach the media.

This was a 52-year-old man- not some geriatric- and assuming he LEFT the hospital with normal vital signs- he SHOULD have been monitored or at least LOOKED AT by the EMS paramedic while enroute.

Regardless of "near-blizzard" conditions during the trip- there's SUPPOSED to be at least 2 people on that truck- a EMT (driving) and the paramedic (tending to the patient).

Mr. Nigro got to the hospital- so it reads like only one of that crew actually did their job that day.

Anonymous said...

Ok the Star has a different side to the story here and where TV5 is coming from is beyond me.

Yes a full investigation is needed here as to what happened.

From not only the hospitals actions but to the EMS unit in question. It appears to me more than one person dropped the ball here and everyone needs to belly up to the table and explain why they did what they did.

But I am sure the real story will never come out.

Anonymous said...

Hmm..workers are unhappy, response times are not being made, and you have reports like this. Sounds like KCFD took a perfectly functional ambulance service and ruined it. Nice.