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Friday, May 06, 2011

CSW Weather: Severe Storm- Tornado Chances in Metro K.C. Middle of Next Week

You should pay CLOSE attention to weather information beginning next Tuesday and Wednesday...

The morning's (Friday) NWS-SPC "Convective Outlook" for the 4 to 8-day span has Metro Kansas City in a possible area for severe thunderstorms- including the mention of tornadoes- next Wednesday beginning at 7 a.m. through the following Thusday morning at the same time.

In fact- the outlook that day puts an area from extreme southeastern Nebraska and southwestern Iowa clear to the Big Bend area of Texas on the Mexican border under an increasing risk for severe weather.

In the nearer term- severe storms are possible Sunday in parts of western Nebraska- and from southern Kansas- western Oklahoma into the northwestern portions of north Texas and that threat moves slightly north and east on Monday.

We're hoping that the upcoming severe weather is nothing like the recent "Super-Duper" tornado outbreak in the southern/sountheastern states- but we won't know exactly how extensive the risk will be until we get closer to the middle of next week.

Please stay informed on this coming severe storm risk next week!

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