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Monday, May 02, 2011


The President Obama haters can say what they want- but the man did what Bush couldn't/didn't do after September 11- 2001 until he left office in January 2009!

Now- let's bring this "war" to an end and GET THE HELL OUT OF AFGHANISTAN and keep the billions/trillions spent on it AT HOME!!!



Anonymous said...

And another news site says this;

Cmon people you believe this? Think about the facts and you will realize how unbelievable this is. He is the most wanted man in the world and yet not a single Pakistani knew he was in there. Burial at sea? Were respecting his customs? Really? The minute I heard this I didn't believe it. They already let a fake photo go out so I'm sure we have the photo and video wizards at work as we speak. He died along time ago. He was on dialysis to keep him alive. Let's just all get some more evidence and go over some basic facts before we rejoice and make fools of ourselves!

Now what do we do?

Groucho K. Marx said...

I think I've read that news site...

Aren't they the ones that condend the world IS flat and the Sun IS the center of the Universe.

Not to mention their take on the single gunman theory- the Moon landing- 9-11- etc- etc- etc.

I think at a party a long time ago I also pissed on their editors head- but convinced him a random rainshower had passed-over.

Anonymous said...

I asked them since they knew so much where was Jack Kennedy being hidden at.

Plus would really piss me off if as a teenager to know I stayed awake all night to watch a fake moon walk.