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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A Stalwart Collapses With Tuesday's Election

No- it wasn't KC-MO's Earnings Tax or a number of like- well-financed incumbents- it was me:

I didn't vote.

I can't say if it's been the tsunami of personal issues that's come up over the past month or even the fact that I've felt like Death Warmed Over the past week or so- but I had absolutely no interest in going to the polls yesterday.

I won't discount the fact that I think that American politics is hopelessly corrupted- much like what was once known as "The American Dream."

I'm thinking more and more that I will just stick to telling people about pending bad weather- at least bad weather goes away and the sun DOES shine afterwards.

If reading this bums you out somewhat- I apologize.

It's probably just my shaky health- future- circumstances and being in an ungrateful news business.

The sun is out today and I plan to go soak it up- find yourself a happy place too.


Anonymous said...

I think I can semi relate to your mood.

Groucho K. Marx said...

We CAN cheer up SD- the next 5 days or so will be interesting weather-wise!

Anonymous said...

Looks like that might be what is going to take place.

Tracy said...

I'm disappointed that the e-tax passed with such a large measure because that just shows that KC residents an be lied to and duped into voting the way the elites want. Not that I really expected any different, but I was hoping for a 60/40 loss. This just makes the fight for true reform that much harder.