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Thursday, April 07, 2011

CSW Weather: Strong- Severe Storm Chances Over Next Few Days- Are YOU Ready?

Spring has rolled out her warm and lush carpet for good now- and with the sweet smell of the exploding greenery around us comes the Battle of the Air Masses.

Starting today and for the next 3-4 days- things are looking interesting in the Weather Department.

The cool front that moved through yesterday afternoon will head back north today as a warm front- and this will develop showers and thunderstorms in and around Metro K.C. this afternoon.

A few of those storms could become strong and produce some moderate-sized hail- but the threat of any damaging winds are low and the tornado threat even lower.

This will change by late Saturday into Sunday- when a stronger storm system moves into the Central States.

A more distinct severe weather threat is indicated- with a stronger indication of all modes of severe weather- including tornadoes.

This is as good a time as any to go over your severe weather plan both at your home and when you're away.

Where would you go if hurricane-force winds or- God forbid- a tornado was bearing down on you?

How would you protect your property (vehicle- etc.) from large hail?

What would you do if a very severe storm has knocked out power or other services for an extended period?

In cases of large-scale disasters- do NOT plan on government services coming minutes later to your rescue- have some sort of plan on how you and yours will cope- on your own- NOW- not when these things are upon you!

This public service brought to you by a guy who was the ONLY help to arrive for some time at natural disaster scenes....

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