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Saturday, April 09, 2011

CSW Weather: Severe Weather Could Miss Metro KC Altogether

Saturday morning- it appears that chances for severe weather late tonight or Sunday may be on the wane for Metro Kansas City.

Storms that fire-up later today to our west appear that they'll race to the north-northeast- toward areas around or north of St. Joseph.

As the fronts approach K.C. on Sunday- a punch of dry air may cause the storms to form over- or just east of Metro K.C..

I'll keep you informed on any changes- but right now it appears that chances for severe storms in Metro Kansas City are decreasing- and not too many folks should be unhappy about that fact.



The Observer said...

I'll believe it when I (don't) see it.

Yesterday, all afternoon: "Oh, it is not going to rain tonight, chances are very low."

HA! That was a lot of "not wet water stuff" coming out of the sky around about 2230 yesterday. (Nice lightening!)

The Observer

Anonymous said...

Yes the lightning was a show no doubt but was all we had around here.

Didn't rain enough to make a frog happy.