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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Southern States Tornado Outbreak Now 3rd Deadliest in U.S. History

Early Saturday morning- the ASSOCIATED PRESS reports the death toll from last Wednesday's southern U.S. tornado outbreak stands at 337.

The AP reports this as "the 2nd deadliest" tornado outbreak since the Great Tri-State Tornado of 1925 when at least 747 people were killed.

That tornado or now thought to be a series of tornadoes raked an area from eastern Missouri into southwestern Indiana- according to Wikipedia.

One ef-5 tornado has been confirmed by the National Weather Service (NWS)- the twister that struck and virtually wiped-out Smithville Mississippi.

That was the first EF-5 tornado in that state since 1966- 45 years ago.

NWS survey teams continue to check the numerous tornado tracks in the 6 other states also affected by the tornado swarm.

Other CSW posts on the April 27-28 2011 Tornado Outbreak can be found HERE and HERE.

Also- here are some additional YouTube videos recently posted:

Rainsville AL-

Blount County AL-

Haileyville AL-

Tuscaloosa AL-

Brightcove AL-

 Unknown location in Alabama (near Cullman?)-

Western Blount County AL-

Aliceville AL-

Near Cullman AL-

Cullman AL-


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well all the advanced warning that can be done today is the reason this outbreak is only the second deadliest.

But to me for the so called advanced nation we live in our warning system is still lacking.

But wait what do I know I'm just an idiot in KS.