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Friday, April 29, 2011

New Tornado "Super Outbreak" of 2011 Could Exceed That of April 3-4, 1974

On Wedesday- April 3 1974- a tornado outbreak began over 13 central and southern U.S. states that continued into the early morning of April 4 produced 148 tornadoes that killed up to 330 people.

On April 27-28 2011- another tornado swarm occurred over only 6 states in the central- southern through eastern U.S. whose numbers of both tornadoes produced and deaths caused could eventually exceed the numbers produced during the 1974 outbreak.

See more images and videos on the original CSW post on this outbreak from Wednesday night- April 27 2011.

As of this post- the death toll is at 318 according to the ASSOCIATED PRESS- but the exact number of tornadoes is still not yet known.

The NEW YORK TIMES published a story that addresses this week's outbreak- focusing on how advances in technology and forecast methods may have kept this  outbreak's death toll from being even higher.


Anonymous said...

It appears this year will be a year that many will remember as the year this planet called Earth showed us just really who is in charge around here.

No matter how much we plan or attempt to predict or control the elements it always shows us just how much we don't know.

Groucho K. Marx said...

This outbreak was forecasted well in advance and very-well warned.

And- as of this writing- this outbreak is now the worst since a 1920 tornado swarm- 91 years ago when even radio wasn't in general public use!

I agree SD- a record Japanese quake and the nuke meltdown- now this.

There's 8 months left in 2011 too....