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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Old Year Ends- New Year Begins With Shootings in Both Kansas Citys

The gunfire you may have heard in the urban core around midnight was erupting both before and after the Happy New Year hour...

Around 11:05 p.m. Friday night- a 24-year-old male suffered at least 4 gunshot wounds while driving his car in the 300 block of South 10th Street in KC-KS..

There wasn't any good suspect information on who shot the guy- and the victim's condition was serious to critical as KCKFD-EMS  ran hot to a local medical trauma center.

Not even 3 hours into 2011 came a shooting call in the north part of Downtown KC-MO..

The victim was at a gas station/convenience store at 6th Street & Grand- supposedly the shooting stemmed from a disturbance at a nearby nightclub in the 200 block of East Admiral Boulevard- formerly known as Club NrG.

The male victim's injuries were serious- but not immediately life-threatening and police didn't have any good suspect info in this incident either.

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