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Friday, December 31, 2010

At Least 3 Dead- People Missing- In Tornadoes Near Fayetteville AR

The 3 dead are reported in the unincorporated community of Cincinnati- about 15 miles west of Fayetteville.

There are other reports of houses destroyed and people missing in other areas of Washington and Benton counties in northwestern Arkansas after tornadoes touched down in those areas around 6 a.m. New Year's Eve morning.

There was also the report of "lots of injuries" in and around western Washington county Arkansas.

Heavy damage- probably from a tornado- was also reported in nearby Westville Oklahoma- just southwest of the Cincinnati community..

A National Weather Service (NWS) tornado watch was in effect at the time of the tornado touchdowns.

Tornado watches continue this Friday morning for much of central through northern Arkansas as well as south and southeastern through eastern Missouri and western Illinois.

Other tornado information in the Benton-Washington counties Ar and Westville OK areas can be found on the Channel 40/29 website HERE as well as the Northwest Arkansas Newspapers (NWA) Online.

Other CSW tornado posts for New Year's Eve 2010-11 can be found HERE and HERE.

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