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Friday, April 09, 2010

KC-MO Council and Mayor Unanimously Pass Briarcliff Corporate Welfare

n light of continuing governmental budget problems- the following is kind-of unbelievable (except to Kansas Citians themselves)...

Yesterday- the City Council and the Mayor voted 12 to 0 to continue to offer "tax breaks for a multimillion-dollar hotel/office complex in the upscale Briarcliff development-" according to The KANSAS CITY STAR.

Odd that just yesterday- The STAR's Yael Abouhalkah noted that in 2000- the tax payers share of corporate welfare was "$21.6 million" and this year- that figure was expected to reach "$108 million."

That's money taken from the city's coffers to pay for what Abouhalkah more-palatively calls "economic development."

These city blowhards want us to renew sales taxes when they CONTINUE to give tax breaks to their corporate interests/contributors?

To quote The Simpsons' Nelson: HaHa!!

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