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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Encourage More People To Vote? Let's Move the Polls Further Away

We USED to have our polling place fairly close to us as well as being in close proximity to 4 apartment complexes with hundreds of people/voters.

It was close enough to walk to- also near the I-435 and 87th Street interchange- making it convenient for commuters.

The polls were usually in a Jackson County office annex at 8600 Hillcrest- before- they were located in nearby churches on or near Blue Ridge.

In governmental style- if it ain't broke- FIX IT!

For Election Day- April 6th 2010- the JaCo Board of Elections (BoE) in their Infinite Wisdom decided to move the polling place more than 2 miles (see map image) farther away- to a union hall in the 7800 block of Prospect.

Therefore- today I decided to blow off a 5-mile roundtrip by car just to vote on 2 items.

I'll let you know the reasoning per the election board as soon as I/they can get ahold of someone to tell me why this was done.

Thanks (not!) Jackson County MO BoE- for making it as easy as possible for the (not) voting public....


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