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Friday, March 10, 2017

Toni Anderson's Car Pulled from Missouri River; Body Inside

Toni Anderson's car pulled from Missouri River; body inside

The second vehicle pulled from the Missouri River in the Northland has been confirmed to be Toni Anderson's car. There is a body inside, but it's unknown if it's her.


Police and recovery teams have pulled Toni Anderson's car from the Missouri River. There is a female body inside, but it is currently unknown if it's her.
A black SUV and a black were found in the Missouri River in the Northland on Friday.
For the last several weeks, police have been conducting searches of the area hoping to find any clues to where 20-year-old Toni Anderson might be.
Anderson was last seen driving a black Ford Focus and has not been heard from or seen since Jan. 15. She vanished after leaving a QuikTrip in North Kansas City.
Crews in boats and divers were searching for something underneath the water most of the day. Eventually, a large fire truck was brought in to help light the area. Then, a bigger search boat. 
The black SUV was not Anderson’s car. It is a Lincoln Navigator. Kansas City police say the SUV is not connected to any of their investigations.
After finding the SUV, two more drivers went into the river. After hours, the second vehicle was pulled out. 
The mother confirmed to KCTV5 News that this is Anderson's car and said the license plates matched. 
It is unknown whether or not Anderson is in the car. 
Platte Landing Park is closed while law enforcement continues to search the area. 
Anderson’s family did hire a private company to use sonar in the river. That company is currently on the river working right now.

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