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Monday, March 06, 2017

Severe Wind- Tornado Damage in Eastern Jackson County MO

High winds and possibly a tornado have apparently left widespread damage in the Metro suburbs of Blue Springs- Grain Valley- Oak Grove to Odessa MO..

Homes have been heavily damaged along Hardsaw and Stillhouse Roads south of Grain Valley.

An injury to an adult male was reported at 9:26 pm.

At 9:41 pm- Oak Grove authorities report the "worst damage is between 21st and 25th Streets" in southern Oak Grove.

Structures have been damaged as well as trees and lines down.

There are other reports- as public safety people fan out- from southern Blue Springs east-northeast into and beyond Oak Grove.

Numerous reports of trees and utility lines down- blocking the roads for search crews.

There are close to 12 fire and police agencies at two command posts- one in Grain Valley- the other in Oak Grove- assisting in search and possible rescue.

More than 400 homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed. 

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