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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Miami County KS and Cass County MO Tornadoes Rated as EF-1

Friday evening brought an unexpected tornado-producing supercell to southern portions of Metro Kansas City.

No severe thunderstorm or tornado watch was in effect when the now-rated EF-1 tornado touched down around 6:09 pm just west of Waverly Road at about the West 26900 block- SW of Hillsdale Lake in NW Miami county KS..

A few homes and outbuildings along Waverly Road north of West 271st Street suffered damage.

The storm then moved slightly north of due east to the Scott Creek campground west of the Hillsdale lake dam- tossing several camping trailers and causing minor injuries to at least 2 people there.

The tornado- alternately lifting up only to touch down again- moved toward the small community of Hillsdale- tracked by deputies from the Miami County Sheriff's department.

Mostly minor damage was done to trees- outbuildings and a few homes as the funnel continue to skip east-northeastward until lifting into the thunderstorm in about the West 26000 block of Kenwood Road about 2 miles ESE of Hillsdale.

The parent thunderstorm continued to produce rotation and occasional funnels as it moved across north-central Miami county- north of Louisburg and across the Missouri state line near West Line.

Once again- a tornado formed east of West Line and tracked generally along Missouri Highway 2 toward Freeman.

Almost midway between West Line and Freeman sits the appropriately named Cass-Midway schools- where about 250 people had gathered for a scheduled Friday evening football game.

As the storm bearing the tornado approached just before 7 pm- those people took refuge in the school's basement before tornadic winds whipped around the building and the field where the game was to take place.

The tornado broke windows and did roof damage to the school- and tossed beachers- an outbuilding and destroyed the football field's scoreboard.

No one was hurt however.

The tornado grazed the north side of Freeman- before lifting about a mile and a half east of that small town.

The supercell storm continued toward the Cass county seat of Harrisonville and neighboring Johnson county MO- but no other tornadoes touched down.

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