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Friday, September 18, 2015


A Tornado Warning is effect for Miami county KS at this time...

Miami county Sheriff's radio states the tornado is rising and lowering near Hillsdale along U.S. 169- moving eastward.

At 6:19 pm- "an injured camper" is being reported at the Scott Creek campground at  Lake Hillsdale in NW Miami county.

The injury is reported to be "minor."

Several trailers were damaged and/or destroyed by the tornado.

The Red Cross was called to assist "4" of the campers for temporary housing assistance.

At 6:21pm- the tornado is still visible to sheriff's deputies.

AT 6:26pm- MiCoSO reports "3 houses damaged in the area of 271st Street and Waverly Road.

As of 6:29pm- the tornado is still on the ground "about 2 miles east of (US) 169" heading toward the Louisburg area..

The only NWS weather watch in effect at the time of this tornado was for flash flooding.

Check the newest CSW post for updates...

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