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Monday, March 25, 2013

CSW BREAKING: House Fire with Minor Injury in Southern Overland Park

At least six fire companies from the Overland Park (OP) and Leawood departments are battling a fire in a house in the Stanley area of south OP-KS..

The initial alarm was dispatched at 1:09 pm Monday afternoon: the report of an "explosion in the garage" of a home at 7320 West 152nd Street.

One fire company six blocks away could see smoke rising from the fire.

Upon arrival- flames were reported shooting from the garage of the home and had involved the second story and attic as well.

A few minutes after the FD arrived- they reported "a male in front- possibly injured" as the man had "soot on his face."

The man was treated at the scene by a MEDACT-EMS unit but refused transport to any medical facility.

During the firefight- firefighters rescued a dog from the house.

The animal wasn't hurt.

GOOGLE maps lists an "Aspen Painting Company" at the house that burned.

We're awaiting an official report on the cause of this fire- that heavily damaged the split-level type residence.


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