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Thursday, March 28, 2013

CSW BREAKING: Building Fire in KC-MO's West Bottoms

The fire was dispatched initially at 11:20 pm.

Five KC-MO fire companies were sent on "one report" of "smoke coming from the top of a building at West 8th Street and Santa Fe" in the old West Bottoms industrial district.

When first-in Pumper 25 arrived- they reported "smoke- and fire showing from the 5th floor of a 5-story warehouse."

A "1st-alarm" response of three additional companies was ordered to the scene.

During the firefight- the interior crews were warned of "holes in the floor" of what appears on GOOGLE street view images to be an empty building.

At 11:43 pm- the fire was declared "under control."

No reports of any injuries received as of 11:50 pm.. 

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