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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Central States News: Wichita To Lose Boeing in 2013

The new year has brought some bad news for Metro Wichita...

The WICHITA (KS) EAGLE reports that in 2013- Boeing will close it's longtime Wichita aircraft plant- putting more than 2160 people out of work.

Boeing had promised in 2007 if the corporation won the new US Air Force tanker contract that more than 7500 jobs would come to Wichita.

Boeing won the tanker contract last year- BUZZZZZZZZZZZ- Boeing lied to the State of Kansas by announcing this move from the state.

Now let's see- how many tax incentives and other corporate welfare the Kansas pollys gave Boeing that the corporation will be reneging on....

1 comment:

Superdave said...

What idiots.

See what we need to do to these outfits is say well if you come and stay 10 years then we will give you a little reward.

The next thing you should follow of a local flavor is the Woodside health and Tennis Club doings in Woodside. Did you know the club sits on city property? Yup it's called the Westwood Foundation