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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

CSW COMMENTARY: KC-MO Mayor James Insistance For Convention Hotel Could Be His Downfall

In a story published today in the city's corporate-friendly newspaper The KANSAS CITY STAR- it mentions the hiring of a new head of the city's "Convention & Visitors Association."

The story mentions that (with a depressed American economy)- "convention hotel room nights" in Kansas City "were off 30 percent this year compared to a year ago and 50 percent off projections."

I guess the economy was blamed on the former head of the Association and the gut feeling is that a new head of the C&VA will magically turn the American economy around and bring more- bigger conventions to our destination city.


With Internet-based teleconferencing technologies and other factors (better climate- less crime-ridden convention sites) corporations are cutting down on huge- marginally-productive conventions.

More bothersome in the KCS story however is this statement regarding a long-proposed 1000 room convention hotel that would be HEAVILY subsidized by taxpayer dollars (more corporate welfare):  "...Mayor Sly James has said a major new convention hotel is one of his top priorities."

Oh really- and I suppose another "top priority" are more glitz- glitter and unneeded civic projects that will do little to enhance the lives of Kansas City residents- such as a VERY unneeded new K.C.I. airport passenger terminal (also quietly pushed by K.C. STAR cheerleaders).

Like the other "top priorities" of corporate welfare (taxpayer dollars) being shoveled into the Kansas City Power & Light District ($10-15-million per year)- a defunct urban renewal project i.e. Citadel Plaza (around $20-million)- J.E. Dunn's corporate headquarters- the old Country Club Plaza 'West Edge' project- in addition to several on-going subsidies of existing downtown hotels.

Oh- we just spent more than a million dollars to buy an old dragstrip to satisfy surrounding wealthy and influential neighbors.

If Mayor Sylvester James wants to retain his office- I strongly suggest he drop any and all ideas for a convention hotel- unless of course private money is used to pay for and operate THE ENTIRE PROJECT.

Kansas City residents cannot afford and will not be stuck with any more corporate welfare Mayor James- pushing more BS onto the citizens may well result in the least no 2nd term as mayor and in the most a recall effort.


Anonymous said...

Sly the idiot has already cooked his own goose.

The city is falling apart all around him and he is worried about a freaking hotel that nobody wants to come and stay in.

Anonymous said...

let's not mention him wanting to take over city control of that dysfunctional school district.