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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Central States News: Large "Disturbances' Erupt at Shopping Malls in Omaha- Twin Cities

It's a killer of enclosed shopping malls (see former Bannister- Indian Springs Malls) in big cities- roving bands of thugs causing trouble...

In Omaha NE- "multiple" fights broke out Monday evening in that city's Westroads Mall- and one was filmed by a TV news crews from WOWT who was there filming another story.

No one reported injuries to police- but there were "two arrests for disorderly conduct" according to the story on the WOWT-TV Web page.

In suburban Minneapolis-St. Paul- an estimated "50 to 200" people were involved in a series of disturbances at the massive Mall of America in Bloomington MN Monday afternoon.

Twin Cities television station KSTP reported that "all available" police officers were called to the Mall of America and that there were "ten arrests- four juveniles and six adults" after a series of fights there.

It took "several hours" to bring that situation under control- and police told KSTP there were "no serious injuries-" but didn't mention the number or extent of injuries that DID occur.

One reason I avoid the shopping malls- and crowds- like the plague....

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