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Thursday, August 25, 2011

KC-MO School District Superintendent Resigns- Again- CSW's Proposal for KC-MO School District

It was big bold red letter "breaking news" yesterday evening: Dr. John Covington- Superintendent of the unaccredited Kansas City MO School District (KC-MO SD) has given his 30-day notice for resignation.

Here- at the beginning of the school year- out goes the 26th KC-MO SD superintendent in less than 45 years.

Over the past 30 years or so- more than a BILLION taxpayer dollars has been pumped into this (dead) school district- and while bunches of glittery new school buildings have been built- there has been LITTLE improvement in the quality of education of the youth of the city.

If money and lip service alone determined the school district's success- we'd have the FINEST district in all America- if not the world.

You can call the failure the lack of motivation of teachers to teach or for the lack of motivation for the students to learn- or whatever you want to label the KC-MO SD..

Bottom line is the Kansas City MO School District is a failure- and NO amount of money OR lip service can save it.

In 2009 this blog labeled the school district to be a totally lost cause and I proposed dissolving the KC-MO SD and absorbing the District into the other Missouri school districts that surround it.

Yes- I know that proposal would be a BIG hit (NOT!) with the parents of the surrounding districts.

Shown on this post is a map of the existing KC-MO SD- then a map showing the CSW- proposed merger into the surrounding Missouri-side school districts.  

The tax base of each acquisition would be divided accordingly into the absorbing district.

Such an idea would be fraught with problems you say?

Then what is YOUR proposal for the Kansas City MO School District?

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