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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kansas Citians Get Gouged Again By Terrorist Oil Companies

I call the oil companies terrorists because their manipulation of gasoline/fuel prices are CERTAINLY un-American and a detriment to this country's shaky economy!

You recall recently when the price of a barrel of oil dropped dramatically- nearly $18 per barrel- to around $80- but gasoline prices dropped maybe a penny or two a day- and leveled out around the $3.30-$3.35 per gallon mark.

Even though a barrel of oil's price has risen about $4 from the low of $80- this morning finds gas stations- mainly Quik Trips- have raised the gasoline price DRAMICALLY again- around a $0.15 per gallon rise to as much as $3.52 per gallon!

Americans will tolerate anything these days....

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Anonymous said...

Honestly, the best way to fight high oil prices is to push our local leaders to improve our mass transit (with light rail especially) and to make our streets safer for cycling. We're not entitled to cheap fuel.