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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Taking A Much-Needed Break

hanks for tuning in to CSW although I haven't posted much this week.

It's 'birthday week' and after 4-1/2-years and almost 4500 posts- I need a break from this blog.

Taking a break from all the political and all the too-many other ads on TV too- and I may just continue THAT break until mid-November (possibly longer).

I don't listen to local 'talk radio' at all- haven't for more than 20 years- so I don't need a break from that.

I've got a woman- kids- grandkids- pets- family and friends  who would probably like a tenth of the attention I give to all the goings-on that I post here- news- weather and everything else.

I haven't wrote nor made any music for almost 10 years now- and that part of my soul is tugging hard at my sleeve.

Although I work for the local news media and have for almost 20 years now- this blog doesn't earn me or mine a dime and- quite frankly- sometimes becomes a burden.

I'm not happy with the way things are going both financially and politically in this country and I realize (know) that what little things I have to say about it isn't going to change very much- if any at all.

When your
biggest blog post for the past 2 weeks is a picture of American actress/singer Connie Stevens posted more that a year ago- it makes one stop and wonder if all the other stuff one busts their butt to post is making any difference at all.

In plain words- my batteries have run down right now- and a deep- slow charge is in order.

The weather is very fine- soon we will all be blessed by some fantastic colours and- by the Grace of The Great Spirit- Ms. Rittenhouse and I are going to go enjoy them this year and spend a little quality time together.

Therefore- a break is in order as well as thanks to you- the reader- for putting up with all this and me as long as you have.

Bless you and yours- and give yourself a much-needed break too- will ya?


the observer said...

Understand completely. Take care and rest up. Selfishly, I do hope you return, as I enjoy your posts!

The Observer

Groucho K. Marx said...

Oh- I'm not closing up shop T.O.- I'm just explaining my lack of posts this week- possibly the next week or two- and giving my ears- eyes and fingers a little break.

I appreciate the kind words as it is good someone actually reads my clap-trap. Heh

I'm still doing the weekend overnights for TeeVee news- so when the locals resume their bad behavior- I'll certainly post it here for the world to see.

Maybe I'll post another Connie Stevens photo- just to keep my stat count up!



Mark said...

Ditto the observer,

Enjoy your break but don't stay away too long!