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Friday, May 04, 2007

My "Official" congrats to Mayor Funkhouser

Your Honor Mayor "Funk,"

I was on the Texas Gulf coast (absentee) when I learned on-line of your win as Kansas City's new leader.

It was more enjoyable than that mornings' walk on the Port Aransas beach in the warm sun.

The very best to you Mayor, your witty wife Gloria - whom I think will be the city's first true 'First Lady," as well as your children.

Your swearing-in speech was consise and to the point. It must be me sir - but I see a lot of Harry Truman-like qualities in you.

Any thinking Kansas Citian understands what your quite logical and refreshing statements meant - and I'm sure or at least hope the rest of the City Council did as well.

Your next four years in office are going to be very interesting.

Issues - very expensive issues like the storm/wastewater mix-fix and the light-rail system (which we hope you will be riding ON rather than out-on) have been dropped in your lap upon official seating.

You will also have to deal with any ultimate mistakes made by previous administrations - under-performing T.I.F. projects to name one. Infrastructure neglect another.

You know the numbers game. You know respect and compassion for people.

I'm looking forward with great anticipation to these next four years Mayor.

Just one suggestion- in respect to your beloved Toyota - it should be retired as the first "official car" of your first term for the future Mayor Funk Museum.

And it should be replaced by a brand-new (driver/bodyguard optional) Ford-hybrid vehicle - made right here at the Kansas City (well okay, Claycomo) assembly plant.

That would be a crafty move both environmentally and - with many Ford employees Kansas City, MO. residents - politically.

At Your Service,

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