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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

BREAKING: 3-Alarm Apartment Fire in South Kansas City MO

The fire is in the Coach House apartment complex west of Holmes on East 115th Street in the Red Bridge area of south KC-MO..

At 3:42 am CDT Tuesday morning- 5 fire companies were dispatched to an address in the 11500 block of Holmes.

It was reportedly a "carport on fire with several vehicles involved."

Pumper 28 enroute at 3:46 am sees "fire from 4 blocks away" and requests "a working fire response."

Another truck company and EMS unit among those sent.

Arriving at 3:48 am- Pumper 28 says the "carport fully-involved and the side of (an apartment) building."

Battalion chief 107 requests and receives a 2nd-alarm response of 3 more pumpers- a truck and EMS among those responding.

Fire is working as of 4:10 am with no reports of injuries so far.

At 4:13 am- a 3rd-alarm of 4 additional pumper companies and an EMS unit are dispatched to this fire.

As of 4:40 am- virtually an hour after the first fire dept. dispatch- the more than a dozen companies are fighting to contain the fire to just one building in this complex.

As of 5 am- the 3rd-alarm companies were being released from their staging area as the fire was virtually under control.

No reports of injuries as of 5:08 am- and at least 6 apartment units have been damaged by this fire.


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