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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kansas City "News" Media Fails Regarding American Royal Move to Kansas

The TV news stations always promote themselves as civic boosters.  If this is so- then why half-ass report things?

Today it was (officially) announced that Kansas City MO's American Royal is moving over to the Kansas side.

Most of the news media stories mentioning this failed to report the fact that Kansas is furnishing STAR bonds to the AR to make this move to the Village West area of KC-KS..

STAR bonds are paid off in sales taxes.

What- besides a once-a year BBQ/horse/livestock show does the American Royal sell to pay-off these bonds?

Will the AR rely on nearby sales taxes to pay off this debt or leech-off proceeds from nearby corporate-welfare districts?

Did the governmental agency issuing these bonds insert any claw-backs into the legal document?

1 comment:

Super Dave said...

I think this will be a good thing all said and done. I really believe this will bring new life back into the American Royal again.