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Friday, August 26, 2016

Flash Flooding on Turkey Creek in Overland Park!

The creek is now about to go over the northbound lanes of I-35 at I-35 and Metcalf/I-635....

Here is a screen capture of live Net video of flash flooding on a Turkey Creek tributary- just North of West 79th St. and the East I-35 Frontage Road in OP-KS..

Three vehicles seen already floating in water that appears to be at least 4-feet deep and rising.

Shortly after taking this capture- a grey or silver-colored van or SUV drives into the water from the south- or lower left in this image- and also stalls and begins floating to the left or downstream side.

As the vehicle became stuck in the suction of the underground I-35 culvert- the driver climbed out onto the roof and was helped over the NB I-35 exit ramp to W. 75th St. retaining wall and dry ground.

That concrete median-type divider acted as a dam for the high water shown here.   

Apparently- no one was hurt here. 

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