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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Today Marks 50-Years Since Topeka Kansas EF-5 Tornado

Here is the sequence of photographs taken by TOPEKA CAPITAL-JOURNAL's Perry Riddle beginning shortly after 7 PM on the evening of June 8 1966:


Anonymous said...

These are FANTASTIC photos, even by today's standards. Hats off to the photographer in this case, whom as I understand it was an off-duty journalist on his way home from work when spotted the tornado coming rapidly from a southwest direction. According to his interview he was standing just outside the main entrance of the church, snapping photos as fast as he could while wiping the lens with his underwear between shots. Brave man! The only concern I have is that someone (probably not the photographer) may have doctored the last 3 photos to make them look darker and scarier, perhaps "for dramatic effect". It's a bit of a shame but it happened at lot in the 60s with b&w photos.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Actually- I ran the series through my PaintShopPro program.

I used the same settings on each photo (the originals were darker with a green tint).

I think the darker images at the end was due to the way the light hit the funnel and the photog's shutter/camera settings.

But yes- after 50 years- still amazing images.