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Monday, October 12, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Two Firefighters Dead in 4-Alarm Apartment/Retail Building Fire Near Old Northeast Kansas City MO

The fire is in the 2600 block of East Independence Avenue was reported about 7:25 pm Monday evening.

Three pumpers- two trucks and a rescue company with an EMS unit were sent on the first alarm.

Two residents of this building were initially rescued without injury.

Another chief- pumper- truck and EMS unit were 'still-alarmed' to the fire before a full 2nd-alarm was dispatched at 7:45 pm..

At 7:52 pm- all interior crews are ordered out of the building- a "defensive" firefight is commenced.

By 8 pm- an on-scene chief- by radio- has requested "a collapse zone be established" around the fire building.

At 8:06 pm- "a collapse" of part of the fire building is reported- on the southeast side of the structure closest to Snyder's grocery store to the east.

A 3rd-alarm was sounded as a "mayday" alarm- and six additional EMS units were sent to the scene for a reported "4 firefighters" injured in the collapse.

Two of the most critically-injured were taken to Truman Med Center (TMC-West).

The other two were transported to other medical centers with fairly minor injuries.

At 9 pm- the KC-MO Fire Chief publicly reports "two firefighters have died-" the two souls taken to TMC-West.

The scene wasn't declared under control until around midnight Tuesday morning.

The entire fire building except for the one-story portion closest to Prospect collapsed.

The north half of the remaining structure was still heavily-involved in fire with "4 master streams and 6 or 7 handlines" reported being used at 11:15 pm.

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