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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Metro Kansas City Juvenile Sports Injuries Reported

Area sports injuries monitored:

The first report was at 5:14 pm at the Campbell Middle school in Lee's Summit MO..  
A 13-year-old male football player is said to have suffered a non-major neck injury after being collar-tackled "around the neck from behind-" according an EMS report.

At 5:42 pm- Fort Osage Fire and EMS were sent to Fort Osage High school on a reported "head injury."  
This "16-year-old male was struck in the head by a soccer ball" but according to his EMS to hospital medical report- had minor injurious effects.

Both of the above injuries taken to Children's Mercy...

Just in is the report of another injured male at the high school football field in Wellington MO at 6:52pm..  FD/EMS dispatch stated the patient "couldn't move."

And at 8:02 pm- a "traumatic injury" was reported "on the football field." of Oskaloosa High school in Oskaloosa KS.

Nothing further on the latter two victims of sports.

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