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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Sunday Morning Downtown KC-MO Shooting Involves Off-Duty Cop and Firefighter

An off- duty KC-MO firefighter in his 20's is dead and a 42-year-old male off-duty KC-MO police officer is in the hospital with assault injuries after an incident that occurred around 2:25 am Sunday morning.

The shooting occurred near 13th Street and  Baltimore in Downtown KC-MO.

Police reports that the shooting was the end result of a physical disturbance between a cab driver and the victim/suspect who had been in a cab with the his new bride and a cousin in front of the Downtown Marriott hotel on 12th Street between Wyandotte and Central.

The police report says that the victim/suspect and his cousin were "highly intoxicated."

The off-duty cop had heard of the cabbie disturbance- responded- and ended up chasing the victim/suspect onto the 1200 block of Baltimore.

Reports are it was near 13th Street that the victim/suspect turned to attack the pursuing officer.

EMS reports the officer had been "knocked down" and "punched in the face multiple times."

That officer reportedly answered by shooting the man in his 20's twice in the chest.

The police report Monday said  that the attacked and injured officer performed CPR on the man until an ambulance arrived.

The man who was shot was later  identified as an off-duty KC-MO firefighter- 26-year-old Anthony V. Bruno.

Bruno was taken to Truman Medical Center-Hospital Hill (TMC/West) where he was declared dead after arrival.

Firefighter Bruno had reportedly been married earlier in November in Florida and that his wedding reception was taking place Saturday night.

The officer involved was reportedly a KC-MO officer- working off-duty but in uniform as private security.

His facial injuries were moderate but not life-threatening.

Monday afternoon- the KCMPD identified the shooting officer to be "Donald Hubbard."

Reportedly- there were some issues at the shooting scene between on-duty police and responding fire and the single EMS crews.

As monitored direct here and is on a digital recording- one EMS crew- "Medic-9-" was initially dispatched to the incident with Pumper company 8 at 2:26 am.

Medic-9 makes "patient contact" with the gunshot victim at 2:32 am..

A second EMS unit- "Medic-10-" was dispatched for the injured officer at 2:33 am- arriving at the scene at 2:40 am.

Medic-9 on-scene requested a battalion chief- "Car-102-" who responded to the scene at 2:39 am..

It was Medic-10 and not first-arriving Medic-9 that transported the mortally-wounded off-duty firefighter to TMC/West- arriving at the emergency room entrance at about 2:46 am..

The injured off-duty policeman who shot him arrived at TMC/West minutes later aboard Medic-9.

Several blocks of Downtown were blocked-off by police for hours after the incident as KC-MO Police conducted the investigation that involved one of their own.


Superdave said...

I hope that everyone stays calm and lets get all the facts gathered before the media and everyone else all go running amuck spreading rumors and half truths, that won't help the issue at all. I also hope an outside agency is brought in to handle the investigation.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Hiya SuperDave...

The facts were pretty cut and dried Sunday morning within an hour of the incident: a cop got his face battered by the person whom the cop shot.

The cop did not instigate the original disturbance- just doing his job as a sworn officer.

Like I said elsewhere (heh)- there SHOULDN'T be a clear-thinking firefighter ANYWHERE who would fault the policeman (or the KCPD in general) in this shooting.

I would have done the same thing the cop did.

Rick said...

This was absolutely a good-shooting. My 23 years as a street cop and I would have done exactly the same thing that this KCPD Officer did. I have known a lot of firefighters in my career and NONE of them would have acted liked this guy did. HIS (firefighter) actions caused his death.