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Saturday, December 28, 2013

KC-MO: One Killed- At Least 3 Children Hurt in A 1-Vehicle Crash

It happened at 12:27 am at 51st Street and Brooklyn in south-midtown Kansas City MO.

Reportedly- the police had been "following (pursuing)" a white 4-door sedan with one of their helicopters.

The follow/chase reportedly began minutes earlier on 75th Street east of U.S. 71/Bruce Watkins Expressway.

The white sedan contained six occupants- 3 of them children- when the vehicle smashed into a utility pole on 51st Street.

Reports from the scene say "the car was cut in half" by the force of the crash.

The driver was trapped and died almost immediately in the wreckage.

Three children in the car were taken to Children's Mercy Hospital- all males.

One child- possibly an infant- had "a fractured" leg and other serious injuries.

An "approximately 2-year-old" and "a 4-year-old" had relatively minor injuries. Neither of these two boys were in child restraints EMS said.

There were two other emergency medical transports to other hospitals among the five EMS units (ambulances) sent to the scene.

Unknown what precipitated the police pursuit other than traffic charges while we await the official police report on this crash through 7 am Saturday morning.

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