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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

CSW COMMENTARY: We May Never Know Fate of Man Trapped in Independence MO House Fire Last Sunday

If for one minute- you think that all of Kansas City's corporate news departments cover ALL of the area's significant news- you would be dead-wrong.

Since Independence police and fire now keep their radio communications private (the public can't hear dispatches any longer)- one has to rely on the EMS service for Indy: AMR.

It was last Sunday morning about 20 minutes before the bi-annual screwing with Time that an alarm came in for a house fire at 2905 Claremont in Independence MO..

Less than five minutes into the fire- AMR-EMS sent a "second transport unit" to the scene.

According to a KSHB-41 Action News videographer I sent to the scene based on the second ambulance's call- firefighters found an occupant of the home unconscious in "a back bedroom."

The AMR "transport unit" took the victim who they described as "a mid-60's male" in very critical condition to the Centerpoint Medical Center's emergency department.

The man reportedly never regained consciousness from the time firefighters found him- "20 minutes down time-" through the ambulance transport to the hospital.

KSHB's newscasts that day reported the fire and the injury- which was gone off their Web site the next day with no follow up.

None of the other TV news departments- the KC STAR or the Indy paper The EXAMINER even covered the story.

I know it's no big deal to any of you unless you were family- friends and/or neighbors of that gravely-injured victim.

But the lack of coverage of what I consider a newsworthy event with someone badly hurt is totally unacceptable- considering all the absolutely CRAP stories having not-a-thing to do with Metro KC presented on any given newscast in this (or most other) burg. 

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