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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Up To 8 Victims In KC-MO Shooting

There are as many as eight persons wounded- at least 3 critically- after a shooting at an after-hours nightclub in KC-MO..

It occurred around 3:36 am at 1917 Prospect as police were arriving on a reported disturbance and sounds of gunshots there.

Arriving officers immediately called for an assist- sending dozens of officers from around the city.

At least six EMS units also responded with several fire companies.

In the ensuing dozens of minutes- three people have reportedly been driven from the Prospect scene to area hospitals.

One of them reported to be "shot in the head."

At the Prospect scene- EMS reports indicated the most critically injured are a 23-year old male who was shot twice in the upper abdomen and a  23-year-old female who was shot once in the lower abdomen.

Three other transports to different hospitals are males ranging in age from around 30 to the early 50's.

Only "possible suspect" info that was available as of this report is "a Rasterfarian (black male) with dreds (dreadlocks)."

UPDATE:  Later Sunday morning- police report that one of the victims from this shooting has died..


Superdave said...

Well looks to be a long summer

Groucho K. Marx said...

Yessir... been busy the past 3 weekends now- but nothing like this fortunately/unfortunately.