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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CSW BREAKING: "Large Tornado" South of Dallas-Fort Worth

Severe storms have dropped several tornadoes around and southwest of the DFW MetroPlex Wednesday night...

"Major damage" along with "serious injuries" were reported in and/or near the communities  of Granbury and DeCordova in Hood county TX..

At 9:24 pm- CBS11 is reporting "fatalities in Hood county" TX- "according to the Sheriff's Department" in Hood county.

storm spotter for the CBS TV affiliate Channel 11 reported a "large tornado on the ground" near Cleburne TX...

As of 10:30 pm CDT- "two fatalities and 16 injuries" have been reported in the Granbury area.

More than an hour later- that figure was increased to "three dead" with "around 100 injured-" according to a report on NBC5 in Dallas.

At a news conference shortly after midnight Thursday morning- the Hood county sheriff Mr. Roger Deeds reported "at least six dead" with more than 100 injuries of various degrees of severity.

There were slightly more than a dozen people yet unaccounted for- Sheriff Deeds said.

Than number had been reduced to six Thursday morning.

A preliminary intensity of the Granbury leg of the tornado has been rated an EF-4.

There were reports of a roof off at least one home on Lakeshore Drive at Lake Cleburne.

As of 10:35 pm- damage was reported to homes in southwestern Cleburne with some "people trapped in their homes" in those areas.

No deaths had been reported in Cleburne as of early Thursday morning- but at least six people received injuries from the tornado.

Storms continued around these areas for a time after the tornado(s) struck- and flash flooding was a concern.


At sunrise Thursday- WFAA's "Chopper 8" flew over the devastated areas.

Severe storms are possible in the Kansas City MetroRegion late Saturday and Sunday.

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