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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

City of Kansas City MO Does Crappy Job Informing Citizens of Bad Water

Tuesday morning- I went to do some dishes and noticed the water pressure was next to nothing.

Went looking on the Internet- nothing there- went looking around the neighborhood for any broken water main- nada.

Found out on the EVENING news (more than five hours later) there was a problem with powering a pumping station near 67th Street and Blue Parkway and that there was a boil water order in KC-MO very close to- but apparently not including our house/neighborhood.

And- as of this post- there's NO idea if the boil water order has been lifted! 

Not one thing on the KC-MO Time Warner-Looney Tunes government channel (Channel 2) nor the city's 'Water Services' Web page (as of early July 4) where one MIGHT think something affect the quality of the citizen's water supply WOULD be posted.

Hey City of Kansas City MO- why be wasting money on your TV channel and your Internet pages if you are not going to post IMPORTANT and NECESSARY information on same? 

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