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Friday, July 20, 2012

At Least 12 Shot Dead in Suburban Denver Movie Theater

Early Friday morning- a male dressed in military clothing and brandishing chemical cannisters and guns- broke into an Aurora Colorado movie theater during a special late showing of the new Batman movie- 'The Dark Knight Rises.'

It happened at the Century 16 theater complex near I-225 and Arvada in Aurora.

The man threw a cannister that produced a cloud of acrid  smoke then opened fire using three guns on the stunned patrons- striking more than 70 people.

Ten died in the theater- "Number 9" of 16 in the complex.

Two others died at Denver hospitals- 58 others either admitted or treated and released from eight Denver medical facilities that received the injured.

Eleven people were still reported in critical condition early Saturday morning.

Among the injured were patrons next door in theater No. 8 where the Batman film was further along.

Bullets from No. 9 came through the wall- ironically during a shooting scene in No. 8's film.

The DENVER POST reports that the gunshot victims ranged in age from 3-months-old to 45-years-old.

The suspect- a 24-year-old Aurora man named James Holmes- was taken into custody.

Holmes' north Aurora apartment was booby-trapped- and police had to work slowly to gain entry.

Link to story containing contributed and unedited cell phone recording after shooting.

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Superdave said...

I guess conceal and carry is the only choice us normal people have left in choices to defend ourselves with.

Nut cases will always be out there no doubt but shoe riots at a shopping mall at 6:00AM is way out of line as well.

Then again what but a nut camps out at night trying to be first in line to buy a damn over priced tennis shoe. And probably using welfare support money at that.