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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tornado Strikes Woodward OK Early Sunday Morning - Fatalities Reported

What storm spotters described as "a large tornado" tore through the west and north parts of Woodward Oklahoma about 12:20 am Sunday morning.

Woodward is about 125 miles northwest of Oklahoma City.

According to The OKLAHOMAN online- there are reports of structures damaged and injuries- though the extent of either is unknown as of this post.

However- the WOODWARD NEWS is reporting "four fatalities-" and they report there are children among the dead.

The children reportedly died in "the Hideaway Mobile Home Park" in northwestern Woodward.

Shortly before 4 am Sunday morning- the WOODWARD NEWS was reporting a possible "fifth fatality" from this tornado- an injured person who died in the Woodward hospital.

Also The WOODWARD NEWS reports at least "30 injuries" with at least a third of those in critical condition.

Late Sunday- another person died in a hospital of their injuries- bringing the tornado's death toll to 6 as of Monday morning- April 16..

Woodward city officials say the storm damaged a radio communications link to activate the warning sirens during the storm and the sirens did not sound in most areas of the city.

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