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Friday, January 27, 2012

CSW Readers: My Apologies ... and Thank You!

The posts have been very few and far between the past week or so and that's what the apology is regarding.

As regular readers know- I am providing in-house care for my bedridden father.

This would be doubly difficult if not for my live-in lady Ms. Rittenhouse (Diane) whom I love dearly- and the assistance of the very GREAT folks at Crossroads Hospice (your "Captain" HIGHLY recommends these fine folks!).

However- Ms. Rittenhouse has returned to full-time work- and was ill herself last week (as I was the week before). 

Therefore I was taking care of both Dad and her needs- which left me very little time to read- monitor the Metro airwaves and/or post here.

The "Thank You" is for your patience with me if you've been logging in here frequently expecting   my news/weather updates.

I also want to especially thank you my fellow citizens of the Metro- MetroRegion and Planet Earth for making last year- 2011- the very best year this blog has had both reader-wise and page-view-wise.

Nearly 175000 visitors read nearly a quarter-million pages!

I'm mostly back in the saddle now- as I shall to continue to strive- commercial (and pop-up) free- to bring you the latest news and weather information (especially tornadoes) here at CSW- Capt. Spaulding's World.


Super Dave said...

I knew you had to be very busy with matters more urgent than this blog to not be posting and this I understood.

I know you are taking care of your Dad and that is itself a hand full to deal with. I'm just thankful to see you posting again and not posting any bad news about the family.

So Thank You for what you do for us and hope you have a good weekend.

Groucho K. Marx said...

David- you are more than welcome and one of these days when the responsibilities ease- I'm buying you a cup of coffee (or like beverage g).

Many thanks to you sir for participating here- you make this fun for me actually.

Peace my friend!