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Monday, July 26, 2010

St. Joseph Fire Victims Identified

A fire in a St. Joseph building housing elderly residents killed two people on Sunday.

The ST. JOSEPH (MO) NEWS-PRESS has identified the 2 fatalities as "89-year-old Ellis Marion Stephens and his wife 86-year-old Iris E. Stephens."

The 3-alarm fire at Danford Hall at 2608 Penn Street in central St. Joseph was reported to the St. Joe Fire department around 5:08 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

St. Joseph Fire department's public information officer (PIO) Mike Neylon told CSW that the 3-story building was not protected by fire sprinklers and that the department received an automatic alarm from the building at 5:10:28 p.m.- 2 minutes after dispatch of the initial alarm according to press reports.

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