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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CSW Weather: Possibly Excessive Rains- Flooding in MetroRegion Kansas City

he storm system that will affect Metro and MetroRegion Kansas City later today will also produce heavy- possibly "excessive" rains and possibly flash and general stream flooding- according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

One branch of the NWS- the Hydro Prediction Center (HPC)- forecasts a "moderate" risk for excessive rainfall from eastern and northeastern Kansas into northwest and northern Missouri by Thursday morning.

Rainfall rates of one to two inches per hour and locally higher amounts are forecast and will create flash flood conditions.

The forecasted heavy rainfall also will create- continue and/or worsen river flood conditions in those affected parts of the MetroRegion.

Current shower and thunderstorm activity is over Kansas: generall along and west of the KS Turnpike/I-335-35 from the Topeka to Wichita areas- moving northeast around 35 m.p.h..

The warm front has already moved into the southern Metro- 75 degrees with a dewpoint of 66 degrees at New Century airport near Gardner KS compared to K.C.I. airport a little over 25 miles further north- it's 60 degrees with a dewpoint of 59 there.

Showers/storms will tend to develop/move along this warm front through the evening.

CSW will be on it with any flash flooding reports and any other severe weather information....

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