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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The CSW DUH of The Month Goes To Rockfest's AEG

The mess left after the Liberty Memorial 'Rockfest' has some citizens in an outrage.

The rainy weekend combined with an estimated 55000 rock fans left the grounds at the Liberty Memorial in a muddy shambles.

AEG- the corporate entity that put on the show says they'll spend whatever it takes to get the ruined Liberty Memorial grounds back in shape.

Aggie Stackhaus- a KC-MO Parks and Rec commissioner- said she don't want Rockfest to return to Liberty Memorial- something about "manners" she says.

An AEG official named Joe Litvag commenting in The KANSAS CITY STAR story about the festival and the mess- had the CSW Duh! of The Month when he was quoted saying “We feel like it’s a privilege to hold this event here, not a right.”


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